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Thank you, Staci!

Dear Staci,

Thank you for writing a success story for me. I just read it and it was so sweet! It was nice to meet you at my show and have you come see more of my art at home. Like you said, let the colors do the talking. I hope we might become good friends? Also keep in touch,

Best of luck to you.

And have a nice day.

Your Friend,


See the story on my Exhibitions and Media page here.

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Rare Artist Competition: Please Vote!

Hi everyone! I just entered my original drawing "Early Dragonfly" in the Rare Artist Competition on Facebook. To me dragonflies are the beginning of dawn. The sun is coming to bright peoples' day. 

I would be so happy if you vote for my entry. You can access it here:

There are also lots of other nice art to look at. Thank you for your support!

Your friend, Mara

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(Re)Invention Travels to the Kennedy Center

Hi friends! I went to the Kennedy Center last Sunday and saw the artwork from (Re)Invention and it looks fantastic! (Re)invention is a national juried exhibition of 15 emerging young artists with disabilities. The exhibition has traveled to DC, Virginia, New York, and Tennessee. Since I live in Maryland, I was able to see the exhibition at the Kennedy Center. I wish I had seen together with my 15 new artist friends on that day but they are from all over the country. You can see it here through for the rest of the month. Next stop, Arizona! 

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See the Metal on Bricks Pop-up Show!

It was a fun weekend at McClintock Distilling to show my artwork on the tall brick walls there. 

I got to meet lots of new people and have a great time. What matters most is I can make people happy with my art. 

Even if you missed it, you can see this photo from the event!



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Here is a little video of the catalogue for the Kennedy VSA Exhibition


Hi everybody. I am still smiling thinking about the fun days this month I had been with the other artists winners like Victoria, Kate, Allie, Courtney, Ben, Harrison, Abby, Monica, and everybody else. 

We just found out that the next 2 stops are in New York for the traveling National Juried Exhibition of 15 Emerging Young Artists with Disabilities.

Dedalus Foundation (November 14, 2016 to January 13, 2017) and Rochester Institute of Technology (January 27 to March 4, 2017). 

I’ll let you know where it goes after that. 

In September 2017, it will be in the Kennedy Center of Performing Arts, Washington DC. 

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Kennedy Center’s 2016 VSA Emerging Young Artists Program Competition Winner

I am so excited to tell you my exciting news . . . . .

I won! Before summer, I sent my artwork and video called To Survive to the Kennedy Center’s 2016 VSA Emerging Young Artists Program competition.  The theme of the competition was (Re)Invention. 

Yesterday they announced the winners.  I am one of 15 visual artists who won! My video will be shown in their traveling show. I also get to attend workshops at the Kennedy Center and 2 receptions.   

Thank you Kennedy Center, VSA, and Volkswagen for this honor.

For more information about this check out:



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My First Blog

Hi friends. Mostly I make pictures more than words. I hope my pictures make you happy and joyful.  Even the sad ones. I want to cheer you up. Because its my goal in life to make people happy.

If you like my pictures, I love it if you can follow me and share with your friends so they can be happy too.

At the end of this year, I have my own special art show in Rockville Maryland. If you like to see it, I want to invite you to come on December 4th for the opening.  So send me a message so I can get to know you too.

More to come.

Your good friend,








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