Mara Clawson

Artist's Statement and Bio

Artist’s Statement

I love the colors, wherever I see. The colors.
The colors from your heart.
I work until 'the colors get along'.

I especially like soft and oil pastels, mixing colors with my fingers. I also like drawing on an iPad, which is easier for me to work with when I am dizzy or tired.

Art is my life.

I like to make pictures that come from my mind, and from my heart. I like making people happy. I make pictures from my imagination of how I see the world.

Art makes me happy and gives me lots of courage.
My body cannot make tears.
So my pictures tell how I feel.

I enjoy how I feel making art.
It becomes a part of me.


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Mara Clawson, born in Korea, is a self-taught artist who uses pastels and iPad technology to convey her perception of the world. She finds that her art connects her to others and her community in ways she hadn't before. Mara found a profound sense of self and says, 'Making art makes me who I am and gives me lots of courage.'

Drawing with an iPad allows Mara’s creativity to flow and new concepts to emerge. Mara won a VSA/Kennedy Center Emerging Young Artists with Disabilities award. Her work was part of the (Re)Invention exhibition that toured to several art museums nationally.

Mara works in her home studio in Bethesda, MD as well as at Art Enables and VisArts.