Artist’s Statement

My name is Mara. Art is my life.
I like to make pictures that come from my mind.
My pictures come from my heart.
I like making people happy.
I make pictures from my imagination
of how I see the world.
It just came. Out of nowhere.
Sometimes I make things up.
It just came out.
Sometimes I just draw everything
about what's in real life.
And what's make believe.

It just came out. 


Born in Korea, Mara was challenged from the start. Her developmental delays limited her ability to eat, speak and learn.  Mara has Familial Dysautonomia (FD), a neurogenetic disorder affecting her autonomic nervous system. FD limited her ability to participate in her community, until she discovered drawing with pastels. Mara’s work product can be affected by her limited stamina and fatigue. To circumvent the impact of her motor impairments, Mara has recently reinvented her art making process by drawing on an iPad, which allows her creativity to flow and new concepts to emerge. This technology also permits others to watch, in time-lapse, Mara’s artistic process, which adds time and motion to her creative vocabulary. Mara works in her home studio as well as at Art Enables, an art-training program in DC for individuals with developmental disabilities.



Photo by Karen Prince